Saturday, May 30, 2009

Carrot Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke

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This is approximately the 10th book - I think - in the Hannah Swensen series written by author Joanne Fluke. I've read all of them and have enjoyed them a lot. I especially like the relationship Hannah has with her sisters (hmm, wouldn't that make a good movie title?)

Some background on this series:

Hannah is the co-owner of The Cookie Jar, a small bakery that specializes in cookies. She is single and lives with her cat Moishe in a condo in Lake Eden, Minnesota. She is a pretty good female-sleuth and has built up a reputation for finding dead bodies and solving the murder.

She is dating the town dentist, Norman Rhodes and the police chief, Mike Kingston. Mike is the good looking heart-throb who makes Hannah go weak in the knees, while Norman is the all-around good guy who makes her laugh. They have both asked her to marry them and she's turned both of them down saying she just can't choose between them!

I personally think she should choose Norman since I like guys with a sense of humor!

In this book, Lisa (the other owner of The Cookie Jar) is getting ready for a big family reunion. Her long-lost Uncle Gus shows up after many years and is promptly murdered. So Hannah and her sisters and even her mother are getting in on the unofficial investigation.

At first just Hannah was the sleuth, then her sisters Andrea and Michelle got involved, and now their mother Delores has a hand in solving the murder too. I personally would rather see Hannah do most of the sleuthing herself.

Up until now Hannah has been one of my favorite female-sleuths but this one didn't quite click with me. I suppose after writing so many books it is hard to keep a series fresh and exciting.

I should go back to the beginning of the series and re-read those books. I should also try out some of the recipes - they sound delicious!

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