Saturday, March 21, 2009

Terns, Goats and Murder

Re: Murder on the Rocks by Karen MacInerney

Cranberry Island is home to a large tern population as the birds nest in the cliffs along the shore. Natalie belongs to a local conservation group called “Save Our Terns”. The group consists of just two other members: Charlene, who is Natalie’s best friend, and Claudette.

Claudette is seen by her fellow Cranberry Islanders as being pretty eccentric. She keeps goats, and she knits sweaters and hats from their wool. Her goats manage to escape her yard quite often. They can be found munching on other people’s gardens and even their laundry, which does nothing to endear Claudette or her goats to her neighbors.

As for the terns - they will be endangered if Bernard Katz is successful in developing his resort. Unfortunately the Cranberry Island Board of Selectmen has decided to approve his plans. Natalie is of course against the resort.

To clear her mind on the day after the Selectmen’s decision, Natalie decides to take a walk along the cliff overlooking the terns’ nesting area. She accidentally takes a tumble down the cliff part-way and in doing so, sees the body of Bernard Katz lying on the rocks further down. He appears to be dead.