Thursday, August 6, 2009

Poll results

Here are the results of my unofficial blog survey. People think Stephanie Plum should choose Joe Morelli and Hannah Swenson should chose Norman Rhodes.

Here’s the data:

68% chose Joe Morelli
28% chose Ranger
3% said Neither
(32 total votes)

80% chose Norman Rhodes
11% chose Mike Kingston
7% said Neither
(26 total votes)

Thanks to everyone who voted!

And now for an editorial:

I read a few comments on Amazon regarding the last couple of books in the Stephanie Plum and Hannah Swenson series. A lot of readers are getting tired of these female-sleuths dating two guys, and want the ladies to make a choice. I would agree. I don’t think it would hurt the story lines one bit.

I can see Stephanie not wanting to make a choice between Morelli and Ranger. She’s a bit more ‘flighty’.

But for Hannah, it seems out of character to have two guys. She’s a responsible lady. Both Mike and Norman have asked Hannah to marry them and she’s turned both down. Yet when she sees hunky Mike with another woman, she gets jealous. That’s uncalled for. He’s got every right to date someone else, especially since she said no to him.

But I suppose as long as the books keep selling, the authors and/or publishers don’t want to deviate from a tried and true formula.

Anyway, that’s just my two-cents-worth.