Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Three to Get Deadly" by Janet Evanovich

My summer with Stephanie Plum continues with “Three to Get Deadly”.

Stephanie has been asked to find Moses Bedemier, AKA Uncle Mo. Uncle Mo is a fixture in the burg because he runs a popular candy store and has done so since 1958. And his store has never been closed, not even for one day.

Unfortunately Uncle Mo was busted by a rookie cop for speeding. Low and behold, the cop noticed Uncle Mo carrying a concealed weapon - a big no-no in Trenton, New Jersey. So bond was posted with the court but Uncle Mo failed to appear for his court date. Now Stephanie must try to find him.

Everyone in the burg knows Uncle Mo. Everyone knows that Uncle Mo would never do anything wrong. They say ‘the man is a saint. He’s married to his job, like a priest’.

So Stephanie and Lula, her ‘assistant bounty hunter’, go to Mo’s store only to find it closed. They check out his apartment only to find nobody is home. His car is not in his garage.

Turns out Mo is missing and no-one knows where he is.

(Photo courtesy stock.xchng)