Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Whispering Statue - 1937

RE: The Whispering Statue by Carolyn Keene

I finished reading this Nancy Drew book for the first time. I have the 1970 edition and have read that one a few times.

This version had so many sub-plots that I got confused about 2/3 of the way through, and couldn’t figure out which character was which. But I must say that by the end of the book, everything was neatly wrapped up and it all made sense.

This is where Nancy ‘gets’ her dog, Togo - or rather, he gets her. He is a stray that Nancy and her friends Bess and George happen upon in the park. He keeps following the girls and Nancy decides to ‘adopt’ him. And his real owner(s) never show up, so she keeps him.

The main plot is about an elderly woman Nancy meets on a train trip, a Miss Morse. Nancy is convinced that a shady character named Joe Mitza is out to swindle her. She encounters Miss Morse again in a little town aptly named ‘Sea Cliff’. This is where the Whispering Statue comes in. It is located in the garden of a very old mansion on a sea cliff. Of course Nancy very strongly resembles the statue and uses that to her advantage in the mystery.

I picked up this version on Ebay. The book is in pretty good shape considering it’s over 70 years old!

You can actually buy this on too. Here is the link: