Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blue Skies

Re: “Catering to Nobody” by Diane Mott Davidson

I’m not typically a fan of long, flowery descriptions of things. For me a little goes a long way.

But this particular description author Davidson wrote caught my eye: “Overhead the sky was a deep periwinkle blue, as if a celestial housecleaner had spilled a bottle of bluing agent to the four corners of the earth”.

The mention of a housecleaner was made because at this point in the book, Goldy has to do some housecleaning to make ends meet since her business has been shut down.

I personally don’t have any experience with bluing agents but I have vacationed in the high mountains of California, Colorado and New Mexico, and I can attest to how blue the sky is on a clear day. (Goldy lives right outside of Denver Colorado, in the Rocky Mountains). I wonder if it’s because you are way up high in elevation and as such, are much closer to the sky? Or maybe one’s perception of color changes a bit because the air is thinner? Perhaps it’s a science-thing dealing with light refraction or reflection - I never was very good in science.

These are a couple of pictures from a trip we took to Yosemite National Park that I hope will show off the blue sky.


Librarian said...

Lovely pictures!
To my knowledge, it has a lot to do with air quality. Usually, in mountain regions there is not that much industry and they are less densely inhabited, so the air is a lot cleaner.
The differences in altitude are not enough to change the quality of light; you'd have to be a lot higher up to notice that.
Speaking of housecleaning... I should do that today, too. We are redecorating the flat, and that tends to leave a bit of a mess :-)

LadyPI said...

Oh, I never thought of the air quality angle. That makes a lot of sense.

Thanks for the compliment on the pictures - I have hopes to someday post more of our travel pictures online.

Good luck with the cleaning!