Thursday, October 1, 2009

Take the Poll Regarding Books in a Series

Have you found yourself enjoying the first book in a series and decide to continue on with it, only to find that later books are just 'so-so'? That you eagerly await the release of the next book (maybe even write the date on your calendar), and to your disappointment, find the series is heading south?

Do you say 'enough is enough' and move on? Or do you feel a need to see the series through to the 'bitter' end?

I'm at the point of deciding what to do with a couple of my favorite series. I have decided that I will keep reading them, but I will not buy the books new. I'll see if my local library has them or I will scrounge around eBay to see if I can pick up a cheaper copy.

I realize the authors are trying to make a living - and yes, it's very easy to criticize since I've never written a book, much less several books - but if you find your sales going down, maybe you should read some reviews and comments about your latest book. If your readers aren't happy, then go back and re-read your first book and maybe you can recapture some of the magic you made for your readers in creating these characters.

What are your thoughts? Please vote in my poll. Comments are also welcome.


Librarian said...

Admittedly, I tend to be a cheapskate when it comes to books. Fiction, that is. I hardly ever buy them, let alone buy them new. Mostly, I borrow them (either from friends or the library), or my mother-in-law (who happens to have a similar taste in books) sends me parcels full of books over from England.
Non-fiction books I spend more money on, if the subject is dear to my heart. But often, I get these as presents for Christmas or my birthday, so, overall, I'm afraid no author will ever be able to live on my book-spendings. I herewith apologize to all authors out there - sorry!

LadyPI said...

Books are one of those items that are easy to borrow. I'm sure you look forward to the parcels that your mother-in-law sends you. I know I would!

I prefer to buy new books. I guess I just like the way they look, or the way they smell? I hate seeing smudges all over the pages!