Sunday, October 11, 2009

Getting in the Halloween Spirit

Re: “Trick or Treat Murder” by Leslie Meier

The townspeople of Tinker’s Cove are getting geared up for the upcoming Halloween party. The high school’s art students are carving pumpkins and making decorations. Games are being organized, and the football boosters are lending their popcorn machine for the event.

And one woman is making her ‘famous’ black punch and she’s going to freeze gummy worms in an ice ring and put it in the punch. I don’t think I want that recipe!

Getting off topic: today I did some shopping at a major retailer. Saw a lot of Halloween stuff but also saw Christmas stuff too! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but I really don’t understand why we need to have Christmas stuff out before Halloween. But then again, every year like clockwork I get the J.C. Penney Fall & Winter catalog on my birthday - which is in JUNE!


Librarian said...

We get the first Christmas chocolates and other such stuff in the supermarkets by early September...
This year, that seemed to be particularly odd because September was a lovely month with high temperatures and plenty of sun. Maye that's what it feels like at Christmas in Australia :-)

Halloween is not that big here, since it is not traditional in our area but was introduced only for commerical reasons.

But it is my husband's birthday, and so it is a special day for us anyway.

LadyPI said...

Thanks for your post. I guess the US isn't the only country where products are on the shelves very early before a holiday.

Wishing your husband a very happy birthday, in advance!