Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hearing Voices

Re: “The Ghost and Mrs. McClure” by Alice Kimberly

Imagine one day hearing a voice inside your head and you don’t know whose voice it is, why this is happening to you or what’s going on. That’s what happens to Penelope the day that author Timothy Brennan visits her bookstore to sign his latest book.

At first Pen thinks the male voice is a heckler. But she slowly comes to realize that nobody can hear this voice except for her. And that somehow this ‘voice’ knows what she is thinking and can carry on a conversation with her, in her head!

How can this be explained? Pen wonders if she is delusional or going insane. The voice assures her she isn’t.

So Pen decides to go to the internet to further research her problem. She does a keyword search on ‘ghosts’ and ‘haunting’ and finds her way to a college’s Department of Parapsychology. After getting some interesting answers, someone tells her just to go with the flow and start talking to this ghost of hers.

She does, and he convinces her he’s for real. That is, as real as a ghost can be.

(Stay tuned for more posts about this book).


Jeanne C. said...

I love this series!

LadyPI said...

Me too - have you heard when the next book is coming out?