Monday, April 5, 2010

Shield of Justice

Re: “The Ghost and Mrs. McClure” by Alice Kimberly

One of the things Penelope has decided to do is to hold book signings at her bookstore to drum up more business. The very first author to agree to come and sign his book, “Shield of Justice”, is Timothy Brennan. “Shield of Justice” is the latest in a very popular series of novels about a New York PI named Jack Shield.

(In a very interesting twist, the fictional Jack Shield is non other than Jack Shepard, now the resident ghost at Penelope’s “Buy the Book” bookstore. PI Shepard and author Brennan had met in person many years before when Brennan was a reporter).

Brennan has written 19 Shield novels and has had two TV series spun off from the character. He is a very successful author. People love the Shield character so much that they have come to the book signing dressed as Shield in double-breasted gray suits and fedoras.

In addition to signing books, Brennan gives a speech in which he reveals that he is going to cease writing the fictional Shield novels and instead will work on a nonfiction book into the details of Jack Shepard’s last case. Needless to say, the audience is not happy with this news.

During Brennan’s talk, he becomes thirsty and is given a bottle of spring water to drink. He then gasps for air and collapses. His last words are “Jack Shepard - it can’t be - you’re dead!”

Did Jack the Ghost scare Brennan to death? Did Brennan die of natural causes? Or was it murder?

(Stay tuned for more posts about this book).