Sunday, May 2, 2010

Done with “Murder Most Maine” by Karen MacInerney

As Natalie searches for clues to the suspicious death of Dirk the trainer, she wonders why life is so complicated sometimes. The police have ruled the death a homicide. Her handsome boyfriend John is a suspect. The death occurred on her property, the Gray Whale Inn.

In her search, Natalie questions her relationship with John and starts to have doubts. He couldn’t have committed murder, could he? Many years ago, John had a summer fling with beautiful Vanessa, the leader of the weight-loss retreat. Is it over between John and Vanessa? Or does Natalie still have a chance at a relationship with him? She must find out.

Some of the guests at her inn seem suspicious to Natalie. There is Elizabeth, who claims to be a reporter. Is she, and why did Natalie see her coming out of Dirk’s room the day before his death?

The book answers these questions and more. We find out who the skeleton in the lighthouse belongs to, and why it was there.

One mystery goes unsolved though: why several residents of Cranberry Island saw a light flashing from the empty lighthouse one night.

The book also hints at some interesting dilemmas involving weight loss. Should people take supplements to speed up weight loss? Are the supplements safe?

Included with the book are recipes for pumpkin-pie oatmeal, chocolate meringues, teriyaki marinade, shrimp salad, turkey chili and mint dessert bars.

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