Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Close to Home

Re: T is for Trespass by Sue Grafton

This book has been hard for me to read as it's about elder abuse. It's hitting close to home as my father lived with a woman who was guilty of behavior like that. Thankfully not to the extent the thief in this book is, but none the less the behaviors are similar. He is now at peace and we don't have to deal with her anymore.

But the book is well written and it's good to spend time with Kinsey again. She is convinced that the woman proclaiming to be Solana is taking advantage of elderly neighbor Gus. Kinsey manages to get in Gus' house and view Gus' passbook account and checkbook. She discovers a a lot of money has been withdrawn and checks have been made out to cash. Kinsey is now very alarmed and calls the local social services office to file a complaint. They have a social worker go to check on Gus. Solana is good at deceit and she convinces the social worker of her goodwill toward Gus. Kinsey argues with the social worker but can't get her to understand that Solana is lying. So Kinsey being the great private investigator she is, will continue looking into this.

This is the main storyline but there are also a couple of other minor storylines in the book relating to Kinsey's day-to-day private-eye work. She's got to earn a living somehow! I think the movies and TV have glamorized this profession but Sue Grafton (through Kinsey's eyes) tells it like it is. Alternately boring and dangerous, depending on the job and who the client is.