Thursday, January 1, 2009


Re: The Ghost and the Femme Fatale by Alice Kimberly

There are many songs about dreams. One song I like is called: “Daydreams About Night Things”. The guy singing the song (Ronnie Milsap) is daydreaming in the middle of the afternoon while he’s at work. He’s thinking about how he is going to make love to his wife when he gets home that night. His daydreams help get him through his day.

Daydreams are so appealing because we can choose what to dream about. We pick the setting and the people in our dreams. We are in control, and dreams often provide an escape from a life in which we have little control over anything.

Jack the Ghost appears to Penelope in her dreams and they share a certain ‘reality’. In this book she feels more comfortable around him and starts to enjoy their encounters. They are definitely attracted to each other and even share a kiss or two. For a moment she feels a little guilty about wanting to live in her dream world with Jack, but then she realizes what she does for a living - that is to sell fiction books to people who like to escape from reality.

Unfortunately the alarm always goes off and she has to wake up and face reality once again. But it’s a little easier knowing Jack is always nearby.