Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Cheating Ex-Fiance

Re: Dead and Berried by Karen MacInerney

As Natalie opens the door to admit the latest guest to her bed & breakfast inn, she smells something familiar - a man’s cologne. Turns out that Natalie’s former fiance Benjamin has come for a visit. All the way from Austin, Texas to Cranberry Island, Maine.

He made the reservation under an assumed name knowing that Natalie would not have accepted the reservation if he had used his own.

Natalie broke off the engagement when she found out Benjamin had a wondering eye and a roving hand. But she finds that she is still attracted to him which makes her dilemma all the more difficult: Benjamin has come to ask her to marry him - again.

He says he made a mistake and feels she is the woman for him.

Natalie has been dating her next-door neighbor John. Unfortunately, John walks in unexpectedly while Natalie and Benjamin are locked in a steamy kiss. So this complicates things for Natalie just a bit!

She knows she should tell Benjamin to leave - and say no to his marriage proposal - but just can’t force herself to do it.

I say dump the dude!