Thursday, June 4, 2009 is Joanne Fluke’s website regarding the Hannah Swensen mystery series. Author Fluke has pictures of each book on the site, and if you scroll down further on the Home Page you will see the web-pages shown as cookies. That’s because Hannah is the proprietor of a bakery shop called The Cookie Jar.

As you move your mouse over the cookies, you’ll see that someone has taken a bite out of them. Pretty clever, I think! I’d like to think these are pictures of chocolate chip cookies, but raisin cookies would be fine too!

Clicking on the “Recipe” page/cookie, Ms. Fluke has a picture of some scrumptious cookies called ‘Mini Cheeseburger Cookies’. The recipe can be found in her next book, ‘Cream Puff Murder’. That’s a fun way to promote your next book! And since I like cheeseburgers and cookies, I’ll have to check that book out.

Perusing the “What’s Next” page/cookie, she has plans to write a cookbook with all of Hannah’s published recipes. Included will be some new recipes too. Mmmmm! The book is supposed to be released in October, 2011. And here I was wondering how I could scan in all those recipes from the paperback books. Now I won't have to bother!