Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Stephanie Plum book

Available June 23 in hardcover.


Fat Cat said...

As for the Stephanie Plum choice, it's Morelli hands down. In the two fairly explicit romantic scenes Evanovich has written in this series, with Morelli in, I believe, Four to Score, and with Ranger in Hard Eight, Joe takes his time and Ranger doesn't, at least, not until after the deed is done and he's happy.

I don't know why Evanovich changed the way she writes about Stephanie and Joe, and Stephanie and Ranger. She's one of the few contemporary writers who can make a love scene steamy without going overboard. But since book 8, she's been closing the bedroom door, and I think a little spice has gone out of the books as a result.

Anyway, Joe wants to marry Steph; Ranger doesn't. Joe loves Stephanie with all his heart; Ranger loves her "in his own way." Joe's been looking up her skirt (depending on which book you read) since she was five, six or eight, Ranger hasn't. So, for me, it's Joe Steph should choose.

I have to admit that by this point in the series, Steph's refusal to grow up and marry Joe, whom she obviously loves, and her continued going-nowhere dalliance with Ranger, which is essentially cheating on Joe, is beginning to wear on me. I don't buy that she loves them both. I think she loves joe, and is intrigued by Ranger because he's sexy and has a seemingly endless supply of money and cars.

Joe is equally hot, but he's also responsible and could build a good life with Steph, if only she would let him.

I think it's time to take the series in a new direction: let Steph marry Joe, and still continue to have disaster follow one step behind. I think she should have a baby with Joe, too. That would be wickedly funny, to see how a middle-aged, donut-inhaling heroine frozen in adolescence would deal with the responsibilities of motherhood. I also think Joe would make a great father. Ranger? Not so much.

That's my 50¢ worth.

Fat Cat

LadyPI said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Fat Cat!

I agree that many readers would like Stephanie to make a choice between the two guys.

I really love your idea of Stephanie getting married to Joe and having a kid. Can you see Lula or Grandma Maser babysitting? That would be hysterical and could make for a few more crazy adventures!

LadyPI - Diane

Fat Cat said...

I totally agree with you. If Evanovich doesn't want to have Stephanie be responsible enough to make an actual choice between the two guys, then let her suffer a birth control failure with Joe. That would get her down the aisle right quick; Joe wouldn't let her get away if she was carrying his child, and I hate to think what Joe's mother and Grandma Bella would do if a pregnant Steph tried to bail on Joe.

Definitely time for Stephanie to grow up and make some hard choices.

And as for Lula and Grandma baby-sitting? Oh, my gosh! why did I think of that? The comic possibilities are endless!