Friday, June 26, 2009

Not Up On Technology

Re: Murder of a Sweet Old Lady by Denise Swanson

It’s really hard to be up on the latest and greatest new technological ‘gadget’, but some people don’t have many gadgets at all. That’s the case with Skye’s parents, May and Jed.

At one point Skye admonishes May about their lack of ownership of technological devices, like a cell phone, answering machine and a computer.

May replies that they’ve gotten along just fine for 35 years without all that. She calls the internet the ‘Sinnernet’ (LOL) and believes that pictures of naked women just come up on the computer automatically when you turn it on.

Skye has learned early on when to end a conversation with her mother, so she decides now is not the time to explain the internet with May.

I personally know people who don’t have cell phones, answering machines or computers. I think their reasons fall into one of two categories: monetary or simplicity of living. A - they don’t think they can afford it, or B - they don’t think they need it.

It’s hard to imagine life today without these gadgets!