Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hot on the Trail

Re: “Mum’s the Word” by Kate Collins

Abby is investigating her case about the man in the black SUV who hit her car and then just drove off. In doing so, she becomes friends with the good looking new owner of a bar and grill down the street from her flower shop. The owner’s name is Marco Salvare. He is a former cop and dabbles in PI work along with running his new place.

Marco discourages Abby’s investigation at every turn, telling her to keep her nose out of things and let the police handle it. But like a good female-sleuth, she of course ignores his advice. He finds himself helping her against his better judgement because he is attracted to her and doesn’t want her to get hurt.

One evening they are hot on the trail of the black SUV driver. This leads them to the man’s uncle’s home and we find out he is quite rich and powerful. He has security lights and guard dogs. Rottweilers, in fact. Marco jokes that if the rottweilers find them, he will be singing soprano.

Funny they should mention rottweilers. Our back neighbor has two of them. The dogs are kept in the house most of the time. Our yard is fully fenced so the dogs will never get into our yard. Even so, I try not to be outside in our far backyard when the dogs are out because I’m not sure how territorial they will be. Will they consider our yard to be their yard? I don’t want to find out!