Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Detective Is On the Case

Re: “Through the Grinder” by Cleo Coyle

Clare’s ‘Mr. Right’ has a name. It’s Bruce Bowman. They have been seeing each other and sparks are starting to fly.

But police Detective Mike Quinn thinks that Bruce is involved in the suspicious deaths of young women who have been to Clare’s Cappuccino Connection gatherings at the Village Blend coffeehouse. Quinn goes so far as to tell Clare to stay away from Bruce.

Clare likes and respects Quinn but wonders if his feelings for her are getting in the way of his being able to think objectively. After all, Clare and Quinn have been flirting with each other and he’s told her his marriage is on the rocks. Now she wonders if Quinn is jealous of her involvement with Bruce? As such she is determined to find some clues for herself as to Bruce’s guilt or innocence. So she puts herself on the case.

When she goes to Bruce’s house, she finds a way to access his computer, log in and read his emails while he is asleep. After doing so she’s convinced herself that he is not the killer.

But the question remains: who is?

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