Wednesday, March 24, 2010

“The Case of the Missing Library Book”, Authored by Me!

Normally technology works well. And our county’s public library system is great with a wonderful on-line catalog system you can use to easily request items.

But this week there was a snafu that nobody was able to explain.

I usually drive to a library branch a few miles from our home. I like going to the library as they always have a ‘cheap cart’ containing books, CD’s and/or DVD’s for sale with the proceeds going back to the library. (Often I’ll buy something, read it and donate it back to the library again).

Our county library also has something called a Bookmobile that is like a converted city bus containing library items. Each week on a given day, the Bookmobile is at a designated spot around town. For us it’s each Tuesday from 4:30 to 5:30PM, and it’s an easy walk from our house, just a couple of blocks.

So as the weather has been great this March, I thought I’d request several items from the Bookmobile. To do that you just change a drop-down box on the computer form to indicate pickup at the Bookmobile.

But when I got to the Bookmobile, my items weren’t there. The librarian apologized and said she wasn’t sure what happened. She thought that since I registered at the brick & mortar library branch, my items were probably there. (But I registered over a year ago)....

I called the brick & mortar library branch today, all ready to drive over there and pick up my items. However nothing is there for me. Again, the librarian apologized and said the items should be on the Bookmobile.

Confused - going in circles...where’s my stuff?

I’m pretty disappointed since I requested a book about a fantastic female-sleuth that I’m anxious to start reading and blogging about. I guess I’ll have to wait awhile yet.


Librarian said...

Do you know whether your online order got there at all? Who deals with the online orders - the people at the "central" library or those at the mobile one, if the order is for them?
Sometimes the wonders of modern technology can not guarantee that a placed order really gets through... or someone who was in charge of dealing with the orders made a mistake and forgot to process that specific order.
I do hope you'll get to read the book in the end, and will tell us about it here on your blog :-)

LadyPI said...

Yes, the online order arrived because I got an email saying the items were ready to be picked up at the Bookmobile. I think those folks were the ones that didn't get it right.

In retrospect it's probably someone who didn't know their geography very well - that is, they needed to match up our address with the location of the bookmobile that particular day.

I will definitely try to get those items again! :-)

Harvee said...

I owe the library almost $10 in overdue fines. I think I'm really suporting my local library with all the crime fiction I borrow :)