Friday, March 5, 2010

“High Five” by Janet Evanovich

It always takes me awhile to get back in the swing of things after a vacation. So finally, here is my blog post.

“High Five” is a re-read for me. I figure a Janet Evanovich book is pretty light-weight reading and would be good for vacation. I think this is one of the better books in the series.

This book finds bounty-hunter Stephanie Plum searching for her lost uncle, not as part of her bounty-hunter duties but because her family asks her to look into his disappearance. She says she’s not a detective and they should go to the police, but they specifically want her help. So she does and starts unraveling the clues as to what happened to him. She also attracts some unwanted attention in the meantime.

To earn a living, she goes after a few FTA’s (Failure to Appear) and continues her reputation as the ‘bounty hunter from hell’. She is a constant source of amusement to the police due to her unorthodox take-down methods.

This book finds her after a little person. She eventually hauls him in, but only after she breaks down his door (well, shoots it actually) and they fight while tumbling down the stairs. After he goes back to his apartment, he finds it’s been ransacked so he moves in with Stephanie temporarily. It’s either that, or sue her.

She is also being harassed by the former boxer, now turned wack-job Benito Ramirez. He first appeared in “One for the Money”. He’s out on parole and wants her to see what it will be like to be with a ‘real man’. Then he wants to bring her to God. Scary stuff.

Plus her relationship with her mentor, super bounty hunter Ranger turns into something more than just work as they become more attracted to each other. He puts her on the payroll of his company, gives her some work and provides her with company cars. Somehow she always manages to lose or demolish the cars.

It’s all in a day’s work for Stephanie Plum.

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Librarian said...

Lately, I have read more science books and biographies - but now, I think, I am ready for a Female Sleuth again :-)
I hope your vacation went well (off to the Côte d'Azur myself next Sunday)!

LadyPI said...

We had a good time on our vacation, thanks. I hope you have a good vacation (holiday) yourself!

Carole said...

I'm just in the middle of this now - listening to the audiobook version. I love Stephanie Plum (I think she's my favourite 'female-sleuth'), but I love Grandma Mazzur more!! So funny.....

LadyPI said...

Hi Carole - I hope you enjoy the book. I sure did. Isn't Grandma Mazur a hoot? She loves visiting the funeral parlors so she can see the recently deceased. And when she doesn't get to see them because the casket is closed - who knows - she might raise a ruckus - as well as the casket lid!

Thanks for following my blog.