Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Curt Nolan's Murder

Re: Turkey Day Murder by Leslie Meier

The murder occurs about half-way through the book, during Chapter 10. There are 23 chapters in the book, so Lucy has to do some fast sleuthing to figure out 'who-done-it'.

Curt leaves behind a dog named Kadjo. In the book's opening chapter, Kadjo is in trouble because he has raided a local hen-house. The Tinker's Cove Board of Selectmen (like a city counsel) has a hearing to determine what to do with Kadjo and he barely escapes with his life. After Curt's death Lucy is asked by Curt's girlfriend to take the dog into her home. She agrees and re-names the dog Kudo.

Kudo kinda reminds me of Cujo, the dog in the Steven King book and movie of the same name. I've seen pieces of the movie Cujo while flipping channels, but have no desire to see the entire movie or read the book. I'm not a Steven King fan, although I did read The Shining and thought the book was good. I just can't get into the idea that a St. Bernard could become a raging killer.