Monday, November 10, 2008

I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason

What a catchy title for a novel! That plus the color - bright neon lime green - caught my eye at a bookstore we stopped at during our summer vacation. Plus I'm a fan of the old TV series starring Raymond Burr and Barbara Hale so I had to buy the book.

The female-sleuth here is clothes-hound Cece Caruso, a divorced mom living in trendy West Hollywood CA. Cece is writing a biography of Earl Stanley Gardner (ESG), himself an attorney and the author of numerous Perry Mason mystery stories.

As part of her research Cece is reading through many old letters ESG received from people who felt they were wrongly accused and falsely imprisoned for crimes they did not commit. Cece reads one letter that catches her eye and off she goes, to delve into the mystery of who killed Joseph Albacco Jr's wife?

I just started reading this book and I'm enjoying the information author Susan Kandel has supplied about ESG. For instance, he was a staunch supporter of the underdog and had a wild almost rebellious streak in him which led him to get involved in boxing when it was considered a felony in California.

I don't have any ESG books but I just might have to get some so I can have my own dreams! Just don't tell my husband!