Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Hidden Window Mystery

I'm also reading Nancy Drew - The Hidden Window Mystery.

Nancy reads an article in a magazine which offers a reward to anyone who can find a missing stained-glass window. The window features a picture of a peacock. Nancy wants to donate the money to the local hospital. Clues lead Nancy and her friends Bess and George to travel to Charlottesville VA where they stay with Nancy's cousin Susan and her husband Cliff.

Not only are they involved in the search for the missing window, but they are asked by Cliff to persuade a neighbor to open up the grounds of his mansion for a charity event. When Nancy, Bess and George walk near the mansion, they hear awful screeching sounds. What is making them?

This book has some information on how to make stained-glass windows. I've toyed with that idea myself, so I've been enjoying reading the book. I love the colors and patterns of most stained-glass windows and think they are beautiful. We have three-Tiffany-styled stained glass lamps and light-fixtures in our home. I'd get more, but my husband says "I don't think so"!