Saturday, November 1, 2008

Turkey Day Murder

The murder of Metinnicut Indian activist Curt Nolan happens on Thanksgiving Day, during the big high-school football game of the Tinkers Cove Warriors vs the Gilead Giants. The body was found near one of the concession stands by a cheerleader. Curt’s head was bashed in by an old ceremonial Indian war club.

The club is sacred to the Metinnicut Indian tribe. Every year the war club is loaned out to the high school football team by Fred Rumford, a member of the local museum.

During pre-game festivities, the club is then carried onto the field by the team’s young captain - this year it is a boy named Chris White. However Chris later loses track of the club and it is picked up by the murderer.

Curt was outspoken and had a habit of provoking people with his opinions. Lucy’s husband Bill wants her to stay out of the investigation, but her elderly friend Miss Tilley wants Lucy to do some sleuthing as a personal favor to her. Miss Tilley had known Curt since he was a little boy and was fond of him.

What will Lucy do? Listen to her husband or do Miss Tilley a favor? Hmmm, not much of a mystery there!