Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tom Tom Turkey to the Rescue

Re: Turkey Day Murder by Leslie Meier

Turkeys figure prominently in this book, in more ways than one. Tom Tom Turkey is a 50-plus-pound male turkey that resides on a local farm. Female-sleuth Lucy Stone goes to the farm for a meeting and unwittingly finds herself face-to-face with Curt Nolan's killer. Tom Tom Turkey actually plays a role in saving her life, while her newly adopted dog Kudo is in Lucy's car waiting for her return.

I'll bet that's a first in mystery-land: having a turkey save you from sudden death!

When I mentioned that to my husband, he reminded me of the infamous WKRP in Cincinnati episode: "Turkeys Away". Radio station WKRP has a promotion to give away free live turkeys. They throw the turkeys out of the plane - and well - it's not a pretty sight. See they thought the turkeys could fly....but they can't.....ouch.

Anyway, "Turkey Day Murder" is fairly low-key. I thought there wasn't much suspense to the story. In spite of that I found myself enjoying the book for the descriptions of Lucy's daily life.

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