Friday, January 22, 2010

Death by Debris

Re: “Organize Your Corpses” by Mary Jane Maffini

Charlotte has a morning meeting with her new client, Helen “Hellfire” Henley. But when she gets to the old Henley mansion and knocks on the door, there is no answer. The door is open so Charlotte goes in. After several minutes of calling Miss Henley, Charlotte finds the woman lying on the floor under several layers of debris and rotted newspaper. Old Hellfire is dead.

Now Charlotte has to endure questions and more questions by the police. Mainly from a gal named Sgt. Pepper Monahan, who used to be Charlotte’s best friend. They had a falling out several years ago. Even so, Charlotte wonders why Pepper is enjoying interrogating her. Pepper says that foul play was involved in Miss Henley’s death.

Charlotte wonders who would want to kill Miss Henley, but as her friend Jack reminds her, Old Hellfire had tons of enemies. Mainly most of her former students whose lives were made into a nightmare by the teacher/tormentor.

Now Charlotte feels guilty because she accepted a large advance payment to find the missing documents Miss Henley wanted. Since she can’t get into the Henley mansion, she decides to figure out how Miss Henley died.

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