Monday, January 25, 2010

Family Secrets and Skeletons

Re: “Organize Your Corpses” by Mary Jane Maffini

One of the first things Charlotte does is to attend Miss Henley’s funeral service. She is surprised by the tone of the funeral - it seems more like a happy occasion than a somber one. In attendance is Miss Henley’s last living relative, cousin Olivia.

Olivia had suffered brain damage due to a tragic accident that happened to her many years ago. She is now living in an institution. Charlotte wonders if Olivia could have killed her cousin, but Olivia herself is very wealthy and wouldn’t need the money from the Henley estate.

A few days after the funeral, Charlotte returns to the neighborhood where the Henley mansion is. She can’t get into the mansion, so she wanders around the area. She finds herself knocking on the door of elderly Rose Skipowski and asks if Rose knows anything about what happened to Miss Henley.

It turns out Rose knows much about the Henley family and proceeds to tell Charlotte what she knows. Soon Charlotte begins to delve into the family secrets and wonders what skeletons she may find there.

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