Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Guinea Pigs

Re: “Dead Pan” by Gayle Trent

In ‘Dead Pan’ there are two kinds of guinea pigs.

The first kind are the animals. Daphne’s client Belinda owns several. Her cavies (as guinea pigs are also known) are prize-winning champions and Belinda treats them like kings and queens. She is planning a birthday party for one of her cavies and asks Daphne to bake for them. So Daphne finds a recipe for vegetarian biscuits for guinea pigs on the internet, makes a batch and the guinea pigs like them.

I found this picture of a couple of cute guinea pigs on

I’ve never owned a guinea pig. Have any of you? What are they like as pets?

The second kind of guinea pig refers to a test subject. Daphne finds out that Fred was a human guinea pig: that he was involved in some clinical drug trials to test new medications before they reach the mass market. Did these tests have something to do with his death, she wonders?

(Stay tuned for more posts on this book).


Gayle said...

Those guinea pigs are precious! I've never owned any myself, but my neighbor has three. For some reason, I want to think they're kind of like rabbits. I have had rabbits as pets before. They're sweet.

Thanks for featuring Dead Pan! :-)

LadyPI said...

Hi Gayle - You are welcome. I'm glad you found my blog. When will the next Daphne book be out?

Librarian said...

Ah, guinea pigs! My sister and I wanted them when we were children, my cousins had some, and so my aunt one day gave us two females (with our parents' consent, of course).
Well... those two "females" ended up producing little ones so that, one fine morning, we found ourselves having not two, but THIRTEEN guinea pigs!!
Of course we could not keep them all, but we kept three - the original parents and one of their children - and gave the others to good homes of friends and neighbours.
We liked playing with them and watching them go about their guinea pig business, but they are not to be under-estimated in terms of time & care they need.
And it is vital for them to have enough space, preferably some outside cage in the summer, where they can be on grass. They also love sand, but don't let them use the same sandpit as your children or grand-children - they need their own :-)

LadyPI said...

Hi Librarian - Interesting post about guinea pigs. Sounds like they are great little 'multipliers'. And I'm not talking about mathematics here. :-)

Pets always seem to take up more time and energy (and money) than we think they will. In the past, I've had parakeets. About once a week I'd go to the pet store and buy them some fancy seed treat or other. Most likely I enjoyed it more than they did!