Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tell That to the Bag Boy!

Re: “Organize Your Corpses” by Mary Jane Maffini

I’ve found that several of these series have added bonuses. In addition to the story, we get recipes, tips and/or facts. For example, female-sleuth Lee McKinney works in her aunt’s chocolate shop so author JoAnna Carl includes several tips and facts about chocolate. Hannah Swensen owns The Cookie Jar bakery and author Joanne Fluke includes recipes, mostly for cookies.

In this book, our lady private eye Charlotte Adams is a professional organizer. So author Mary Jane Maffini has included a few helpful organizing tips for us readers.

My favorite tip (so far) says to “never place a large object over a smaller one”. Now you would think that would be common sense, but evidently not to the young high school age boys who have bagged my groceries. I can’t count the number of times I came home from one particular grocery store to have smaller and lighter objects crushed by bigger or heavier ones. Especially bread. You would think that the first lesson these kids would learn in Grocery Bag Packing 101 is DO NOT PUT THE CANNED ITEMS ANYWHERE NEAR THE BREAD!

My only hope is that someday these kids will be shoppers too and their bag boy will crush their bread. OK, that’s kinda harsh I know. But sometimes imagining a little payback helps as I try to fluff up my loaf of crushed bread.

And by the way - I no longer shop at that grocery store!

OK, enough ranting.

(Stay tuned for more posts on this book).